Trying out a new venue

This is my first venture into blogging, but it is probably time to get with the times I guess.

The purpose of this blog is to allow people to engage any questions that arise during time between Sunday services.  Do you want to interact with something that was said in the sermon?  Here is your venue.  Did something come up during the week that you would like to talk about?  Here you go.  We all have busy schedules and are spaced out a bit farther than is comfortable for the needed community that will allow our church to grow, so I am following a parishioner’s advice and coming up with a venue for a sort of Monday Morning Quarterback for Church.  Let’s see how this can enhance our experience at St. Paul’s Gainesville.




2 thoughts on “Trying out a new venue

  1. I really enjoyed “Paul’s Little Oversight.” it brought his sometimes turgid prose to life and made it real. Thanks to you and Creasy, I have new particles of truth. And yes, humanities professors are definitely a step removed from the real world. Grant

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